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Advantages of Using LED Advertising Screens

Author: venusgeng

Nov. 24, 2022

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Are you still using printed advertisements with or without backlighting that use different structures such as poles, poles, walls and bridges? Now with advances in LED display technology and lower costs, there are some exciting changes taking place in outdoor advertising. You may have noticed that billboards in your area are being replaced by LED advertising screens.


Outdoor LED advertising screens are becoming more and more popular for outdoor advertising. When it comes to advertising, LED advertising screens can make your brand stand out. If a printed advertisement fails or runs out of time, you can replace the printed advertisement with an LED advertising screen.


1. Vivid and eye-catching display.

LED advertising screen display images, video vivid, natural, eye-catching, visual effect realistic. Passers-by are more likely to stop and receive the advertising message due to the bright and dynamic display. Passers-by are more likely to stop and view your advertising content when it is displayed on a bright and vivid LED screen than on a traditional printed billboard with traditional printed advertising.

65 Inch Wall Mounted Advertising Display

2. Operate anywhere.

The beauty of LED advertising screens is that they can be operated remotely via a simple WIFI/4G connection. With just a few mouse clicks you can control any number of LED display billboards. It saves money and time in the long run by reducing printing and maintenance costs compared to traditional print advertising. You can even operate in other cities using a 4G connection.


3. Low maintenance costs and low update costs.

Outdoor advertising screens use modular LED displays, which are installed using seamless splicing technology. Each panel is assembled from modules, power supplies, receiver cards and cables. All these components can be easily disassembled and assembled, which means you can replace damaged components without having to disassemble the entire screen. This saves maintenance costs and time. But traditional print advertising charges maintenance and labour fees every time you update your ad.

65 Inch Wall Mounted Advertising Display

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4. Higher return on investment for outdoor advertising.

With static printed billboards, businesses need to spend money and time on printing, maintenance and labour every time they need to update their ads. With led advertising screens, the cost of ad production is essentially zero, as they can be created on a computer and immediately uploaded into the led display software program. led advertising screens will bring a new experience to your advertising strategy, while providing more value for your investment.


5. Innovative and creative advertising is good value for money.

Compared to traditional printed signage, LED advertising screens are much cheaper to develop and publish new advertisements. This means you can run more targeted local marketing campaigns. Your digital marketing plan can now also take local events into account.

65 Inch Wall Mounted Advertising Display

6. Benefits for advertising agencies.

If you are an advertising agency with led digital billboards, you can sell the same led advertising screen to 6-10 different buyers at the same time, instead of selling static ads to one buyer. This will increase your revenue and diversify your customer base. led display advertising is good for almost all types of businesses. All you need is the right mix of creativity and value to capture the attention of your customers.


7. High reliability.

LED advertising screens require high reliability as they are mounted on a high structure. Otherwise, it would be very dangerous if certain parts were to fall off. In addition, LED advertising screens have high reliability in different weather, high or low temperature performance. Video advertising can still be viewed on rainy, sunny and snowy days.