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Author: Geym

Jun. 11, 2022

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Scale car models come in all shapes, sizes, types, colors and difficulty levels, but they have one thing in common - they need a builder to make them come to life. Model building is more than just slapping some plastic or wooden pieces together with glue and applying a coat of paint on top.

The reader of this article is the builder and designer of a model car or airplane. To help you get the best out of every build project you start, we've prepared this handy checklist.

The subject matter

Are you a fan of motorcycles, cars, airplanes, boats, or pop culture? When choosing your next scale model, it pays to pick something you're really interested in or want to learn more about. The build process can last months or even years, so do you really want to spend your time on a project that you don't like from start to finish?

8 Quick Tips for Improving Auto Scale Modeling

1/24 MCLAREN 720S

Do your homework

Spend some time researching and finding as much information as you can about the model and the real thing it is replicating. Search the Internet and books so you can get a good idea of what you want your model of a famous car to look like. The Model Space Forum is a great resource for friendly advice from experienced modelers who are happy to meet with and help beginners throughout their projects.


8 Quick Tips for Improving Auto Scale Modeling

1/24 FERRARI 812

Scale Matters

Choose a scale you are comfortable with, and remember that the larger the scale, the less space there is to display your collection. Popular ones are: 1/72, 1/48, 1/35, 1/32, 1/24, 1/18, 1/16, 1/12, 1/8, and 1/4.

ALPHAMODEL sells 1/24, 1/43 and 1/18 car models, which are also the more popular models in the market. Welcome to visit our website.


8 Quick Tips for Improving Auto Scale Modeling


Suitable tools

A carpenter wouldn't hammer a nail without a hammer, the same way you shouldn't start a project without the necessary tools for the job at hand. You don't need to have all the tools available at the start, but a few basic modeling tools from reliable model kit retailers will get you started in the right perspective.

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8 Quick Tips for Improving Auto Scale Modeling


The Right Adhesive

There are several types of glue, and information is usually provided with your model kit, but if in doubt, you should always seek guidance. Some kit manufacturers also provide glue samples to help you get started. When gluing small parts, use tweezers to make placing the parts easier.

Our car models consist of metal and resin, and you will need to choose the right adhesive to better join them together.


8 Quick Tips for Improving Auto Scale Modeling


Avoiding Mistakes

A common mistake for beginners is to jump forward and later find out that the parts don't fit. If you're building your first model, it's best not to deviate from the build order in your instructions, as they make for an enjoyable build and ensure that everything is in order. As your experience and confidence grows, you will get a feel for the parts and the build order will become more natural, leaving room for your creativity.

8 Quick Tips for Improving Auto Scale Modeling

124 BMW M4 AM02-0020

Test, test

It is a good idea to test fit any parts before you start the gluing process. If you are not happy with the way they come together, you can use a small fine file or sharp knife to make adjustments before applying the glue. Likewise, if the dry paint doesn't look the way you want it to, a color test before applying a large area of paint can prevent you from having headaches later.

8 Quick Tips for Improving Auto Scale Modeling



No matter what type or size of model you are building, there will be dozens of small parts that you can't afford. Keep a clean, empty container or sealable plastic bag nearby to safely store any small or finished parts. Small parts are often lost and can make it difficult to finish your model. When you leave your build, remember to keep your model, spare parts and tools in a safe place away from children. 

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