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How do I choose a baby rocker?

Author: becky

May. 06, 2024

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How to choose the right baby rocker? - Maxi Cosi

Babies love to sit in their rockers – they can watch everything that’s going on around them and start discovering the world. They can listen to music, play with their toys, or enjoy time with you. There are lots of different baby rockers available, so here are a few tips for finding the right one for you and your baby.

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Think about safety: A good baby rocker will have a sturdy safety harness that keeps your baby secure. Look closely at the frame to check it is robust and well balanced so it won’t tip over easily. And check that it's made with high-quality, durable materials.

Look at the size of the rocker: Some rockers will only fit babies until they’re about six months old. Others are designed to adapt as your baby grows. Look for a rocker with extended use for the best value for money.

Consider easy cleaning: Rockers can be great places for first feeds – but if your baby’s being fed in a rocker, things are bound to get a bit messy! Look for a rocker that’s easy to clean so you can keep it looking its best.

Think about versatility: A versatile baby rocker can multi-task to make life easier. Look for flexible features, for example, does the rocker recline so your baby can relax comfortably? Is there the option to fix it in a non-bounce position for relaxing?

Using your rocker
Baby rockers when you need an extra pair of hands: A good baby rocker will keep your baby entertained and safe, keeping your hands free so you can get on with other tasks.

Baby rockers for playing: It’s easy to chat and play with your baby when they’re in their rocker. As you can set up the rocker in whatever room you’re in, your baby can see and interact with you wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. You can attach toys to the rocker to stimulate your baby’s senses. And you’ll love to watch their smiles as they discover the fun of bouncing for themselves as they grow.

Baby rockers for relaxing: Recline options make a baby rocker the perfect spot for your baby to relax. Give them wind down time in their rocker to prepare them for their nap.

Choosing Maxi Cosi baby rockers
The Maxi-Cosi Kori baby rocker is a multi-tasking 2-in-1 rocker that is suitable for use from birth thanks to the ultra-snug soft inlay for newborns. This lightweight rocker is easier to move around the house to where you need it so you can get on with other tasks in the room confident that your baby is safe and entertained. You can switch between three bounce and no-bounce positions for play or for relaxing. And the cover is machine-washable, so it is easy to keep hygienically clean. 

Meet the Maxi-Cosi Kori!

The Maxi-Cosi Loa rocker is the perfect solution when living and playing space is limited. Loa weighs only 2kg and folds away compactly. Loa can be stored neatly away out of sight in small spaces. This 2-in-1 rocker is ultra-compact yet comfortable too! Loa’s soft padded seat and two recline positions will provide all the cosiness and comfort, from birth through to 6 months old.

Meet the Maxi-Cosi Loa

Tacviw supply professional and honest service.

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Baby rockers and bouncers - what do you need to know ...

How to Choose a Baby Bouncer, Swing or Rocker

Some parents swear by a bouncer, rocker or swing as a way to help soothe baby during those first months. If you’re trying to decide if you want to add one to your registry—or which one to add—this guide can help.

We’re breaking down everything you need to know about bouncers, swings and rockers: what they are, why you may want one and which ones we recommend.

What are Bouncers, Swings and Rockers?

If you’re unsure of what’s what when it comes to this type of baby gear, here’s a quick overview:

  • A bouncer is powered by baby’s own movements or by giving it a quick nudge with your hand or foot. Bouncers are often on the smaller side and, although there are some more expensive options, are usually fairly affordable.
  • A swing is powered mechanically. Some swing side to side, some swing front to back, and some do a combination of both. Many have other features like vibration, sounds or a detachable mobile. They range from affordable to splurge-worthy.
  • A rocker can be powered either mechanically or by motion. Rockers can come in the form of small cradles or look like more of a reclined baby seat.

Do I Need a Bouncer, Swing or Rocker?

Like so many pieces of baby gear, the answer to this question ultimately comes down to a matter of personal preferences. If you’re tight on living space, trying to stick to a budget or are more of a minimalist, then a bouncer or swing isn’t a must-have, unlike diapers or a safe place for baby to sleep.

But they do come in handy for two big reasons: they can be great for settling fussy babies, and they’re a safe place to put baby when you need a break to cook dinner, shower or get something done around the house.

Babies love constant motion, and it’s no wonder; they’ve spent the better part of 40 weeks being bounced around. The transition to the outside world can be rough on many little ones. The constant rocking, bouncing or vibrating motions that a bouncer or swing provides can do wonders for soothing some babies.

But know this: not all babies love a bouncer, swing or rocker. Each baby is different, just like adults.

Keep in mind: When used properly and under supervision, a swing, bouncer or rocker is a safe space for baby—but, per the American Academy of Pediatrics, these products are not approved for safe sleep. Many of these products have the word “sleep” in the title or show photos of peacefully snoozing little ones on the packaging, but it’s important to always follow safe sleep guidelines for your baby.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bouncer, Swing or Rocker

Deciding which bouncer, swing or rocker will land a spot on your registry depends? Here are things to consider for each to help you make your decision:

  • Bouncers are lightweight, easily portable and have a small footprint. There aren’t any plugs, and they don’t take up a ton of space (some even fold completely flat), making them ideal for storage and travel. Some even feature adjustable recline settings and add-on toy bars that can extend their use for older babies. They do, however, require manual movement either from you or from baby.
  • Swings tend to do the best job comforting most little ones. The constant motion—whether side to side, back and forth, vibration or a mix of all three—acts as a great soothing mechanism and really does the trick for many fussy babes. They do, though, require a plug to power up, and tend to be on the larger and bulkier side.
  • Rockers can be a nice middle ground between swings and bouncers. They’re often mid-sized, come in manual or motorized options, and are fairly easy to move around.

There are several key features we recommend thinking about while browsing:

  • Portability. How easy is the product bring from room to room?
  • Easy to clean. Blowouts…spit up…you get the idea. Look for a removable, machine-washable cover or a waterproof fabric that’s easy to wipe down.
  • Seat incline. An adjustable seat can extend the usefulness of your bouncer or swing as baby grows.
  • Sound and motion options. These will give you the chance to experiment to see what baby likes best.
  • Aesthetics. Are you a fan of bold and bright, or are natural materials and muted colors more your thing?

Here are some popular choices:

For more top picks, check out this guide to the Best Bouncers and Swings. And remember, when it comes to choosing a bouncer, swing or rocker for your little one, it’s all about what’s right for you. Whatever you choose, it can be a big help for your tired arms once baby arrives!

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