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What's The Best Golf Shirt Material?

Author: May

May. 13, 2024

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What's The Best Golf Shirt Material?

If you’re still searching for the best in men’s golf shirts, your frustration is understandable. This seemingly simple piece of clothing is actually more complex than it appears, because it has to go from the course to the clubhouse and maybe even to the office. Finding a shirt that blends style and a perfect fit with comfort and performance can be challenging, especially with so many different types of fabric on the market. How do you know which material is the best for men’s golf shirts and how do you choose the perfect shirt? The key to choosing the best men’s golf shirts is educating yourself on the options, including available types of material, the different parts of a shirt, and what styles and fits are available.

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Elements of a Golf Shirt

There are ten different components of a golf shirt: the collar, neck tape, yoke, inner placket, collar point, outer placket, sleeve panel, cuff, body panel, and bottom hem. Most people are familiar with the collar of the shirt, which is the folded piece of fabric that accentuates the neckline. Some collars are pointed at the tips, while others are more rounded, and collars can either be buttoned down for added security or left free. The collar is one of the quintessential elements of a golf polo shirt because most golf courses require that players wear a collared short sleeve golf polo. The yoke is another important component of the golf apparel, as this panel runs across the shoulders along the back of the shirt and influences the fit of the shirt along the back. The placket is a vertical piece of fabric onto which button holes are stitched. The placket has folds of fabric on either side that add additional detailing to a shirt. While most men's golf polos have short sleeves, they may be loose or tighter depending on the fit of the shirt. Some may also have long sleeves. The dressier the t-shirt, the tighter the sleeves are likely to be, as a fitted shirt presents a neater appearance.

Types of Fit in Golf Shirts

While it would be nice if picking out a playoff polo was as simple as pulling any shirt with a pattern you like off the rack, golf shirts come in different types of fits that are important to consider when choosing a shirt. Some of the common frivolous patterns are color block,chest stripe, jacquard, striped golf polo and camo golf polo. Which fit you choose is often influenced by your body type. Ectomorphs, or people who are naturally slim, have a lean and narrow body type and usually do not have particularly broad shoulders or chests. Men with an ectomorph body type may prefer a slim fit or fitted shirt, as these fits will reduce the baggy appearance that a relaxed or standard fit shirt would offer. Mesomorphs are people that naturally put on muscle easily and tend to have an athletic or muscular frame. Men with the mesomorph body type typically have broad shoulders and a narrow waist, so fit along the yoke of the shirt will be important to them. Mesomorphs have their choice of fit types and are likely to feel comfortable in a regular fit, slim fit, or fitted shirt. Finally, endomorphs are people with rounded body types who are likely to gain weight in their abdomen. Endomorphs are typically stocky overall and usually do not have as much waist definition as their mesomorph and endomorph counterparts. Endomorphs will not be flattered by a slim fit or fitted shirt and are most likely to be comfortable in a regular fit shirt.

Regular Fit

Regular fit shirts may also be referred to as standard fit or traditional fit shirts. These comfortable shirts provide a relaxed silhouette and allow for a full range of motion to help golfers complete a smooth swing. Regular fit pullover golf shirts typically feature sleeves that are slightly longer and wider than a slim fit or fitted shirt, and the body will have a looser and longer fit that may be a little wider, allowing for extra weight in the abdomen. The waist of a regular fit shirt is not tapered and extends straight down from underneath the armpits.

Slim Fit

Slim fit shirts offer a more fitted appearance than regular fit shirts but are less fitted than fitted shirts. Slim fit shirts feature arm holes that are higher and smaller than those of a regular fit shirt, so there is less fabric in the underarm area, and the sleeves are usually shorter and more fitted. The waist of the shirt is slightly tapered from underneath the arms, and the body of the shirt lies closer to the body overall. The length of a slim fit shirt is generally shorter, and the waist width is more narrow.


A fitted shirt is the most form fitting type of golf clothing that you can purchase. Fitted shirts are for men who are very confident in their bodies and want a shirt that reflects their hard work. A fitted shirt offers a more tailored appearance with very little excess fabric, and the shirt lies close to the body. Sleeves are shorter and lie very close to the arm with constant contact. The waist of the shirt is closely tailored and tapers down noticeably along the body of the shirt. Fitted shirts are shorter than slim fit shirts and have a narrower waist.

Types of Materials for Golf Shirts

Men’s golf apparel can be made out of many different types of material, but any guy who has spent a long hot summer day on the course can tell you that some materials are far superior to others when it comes to golf shirts. 


Cotton is the classic material when it comes to golf clothes, but it’s also one of the worst choices that you can make when a shirt is made entirely of cotton. Although extremely comfortable and breathable when dry, cotton does not dry quickly and does not contain moisture-wicking ("dri") properties that help keep sweat away from your body. That means that while you sweat on the course, the cotton on your shirt absorbs the sweat and keeps it right next to your body. Not only is being soaked with sweat uncomfortable, it’s also not the professional look most men are going for out on the course. Cotton shirts can look good, but you won’t be feeling good while golfing in a cotton shirt for more than a couple of holes if you’re wearing a shirt that is made with cotton and nothing else. However, cotton can make shirts more comfortable when it is used in a blend with other materials that provide moisture-wicking properties.

Synthetic Blends

Synthetic blends like polyester, spandex, and rayon have made a major mark on the world of performance fabrics, and with good reason. These best seller, early performance fabrics are very lightweight and were the first to incorporate moisture-wicking technology and improve breathability, which increases the comfort level of the wearer. However, synthetic blends are usually not naturally moisture wicking, which means that in order to obtain this important property, they have to be sprayed with chemicals. That might not sound like such a big deal, but harsh chemicals in performance fabrics can cause skin problems and discomfort, not to mention they simply don’t work as well as naturally moisture-wicking fabrics. Plus, the more you wash your clothes, the more they lose the ability to wick moisture away from the skin. Synthetic blends are used by all of the big brands, including Nike men, Puma men, Oakley, Callaway, Under Armour men, Adidas men, and more, because they’re inexpensive and create a market of their own for consumers who need to buy more performance wear once theirs are no longer working. If you’re thinking that there has to be a better fabric option, you’d be correct.

Bamboo Viscose

If you’re looking for a fabric that has the moisture-wicking, breathable elements of synthetic blends without the harsh chemicals and with odor-blocking abilities, bamboo viscose is it. The premier fabric in men’s golf shirts offers everything you love about synthetic blends without any irritating chemicals, harsh dyes, or long-term performance issues. Bamboo viscose is 100% biodegradable making it sustainable and eco-friendly. It’s often combined with cotton to create shirts that feature the comfort and softness of cotton with the lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable nature of performance fabrics. As an added bonus, bamboo viscose provides natural UPF 50+ sun protection, which means that you’re unlikely to get burned out on the course. Superior breathability will keep you cool and comfortable, and the fast drying moisture-wicking fabric with anti-odor technology will have you looking (and smelling) your best in the clubhouse just minutes after you step off the course with your golf clubs and golf shoes. 

Choosing the perfect men’s golf shirt is all about finding the right fit, style, and material that best suits your lifestyle. No matter which style and fit you prefer, you won’t regret choosing bamboo viscose blends as your preferred material of choice for your shirt. With a better fit, more comfort, great style, and increased performance in your clothes, who knows how much your game could improve? You will look like you are going to the pga tour or playoff 2.0 like Tiger Woods.

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