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Why are electric dump trucks so popular?

Author: May

Sep. 12, 2023

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Freight transportation is an important part of modern social and economic development, and as a special tool for freight transportation, tipper truck is widely used in construction engineering, mining, urban waste removal and other fields. Dump truck is a kind of vehicle which can unload goods by itself, through hydraulic or mechanical lifting mechanism, the cargo box will be lifted and tilted to realize the automatic dumping of goods.

Structure of dump truck

Dump truck is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo box and power taking device.

1. Automobile chassis

Automobile chassis is the main part of dump truck, carrying the whole body and cargo box. The chassis consists of front axle, rear axle, steering mechanism, suspension system, transmission system and braking system. The quality and performance of the chassis directly affect the load capacity and driving performance of the dump truck.

2. Hydraulic lifting mechanism

Hydraulic lifting mechanism is the core component of dump truck, which lifts the cargo box to a certain height by hydraulic or mechanical means, and then tilts the cargo box by tilting mechanism, so that the cargo can be dumped automatically. At present, the common hydraulic lifting mechanism type has tripod enlargement lifting mechanism, double-cylinder lifting, front top lifting and double-sided side tipping, etc. Each type of hydraulic lifting mechanism has its own features. Each type of hydraulic lifting mechanism has its own applicable occasions and characteristics, users need to choose according to the actual situation to judge.

3. Cargo compartment

Cargo compartment is the loading part of dump truck, and its structure and material selection directly affect the loading capacity and durability of dump truck. At present, the common structure of cargo compartments are u-type, v-type, square and round, etc., and the materials are steel plate, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc. When selecting cargo compartments, it is necessary to consider the following factors When choosing the cargo compartment, the type, density and volume of the goods must be considered, as well as the load capacity and driving performance of the dump truck and other factors.

4. Taking force device

The take-off device is the power source of dump truck, which outputs power through the vehicle transmission's jobber and drives the hydraulic pump to produce hydraulic driving force. The performance of the pick-up device directly affects the lifting speed and lifting force of the hydraulic lifting mechanism, as well as the driving performance and fuel consumption of the dump truck.

Why are electric dump trucks so popular?

As a key model of new energy logistics truck, electric dump truck mainly undertakes the short and medium distance transportation of sand and gravel aggregate, which plays an irreplaceable role in new infrastructure and municipal construction.

The reason why new energy tipper trucks have excellent performance, according to the research and analysis of E-Card Watch, is mainly due to the following aspects:

First, the continuous force of "dual-carbon" strategy.

The "dual-carbon" strategy is the established development policy of the country and must be practiced. Heavy trucks are the largest pollutant emitters in the automobile industry, and dump trucks are the key models in the heavy truck field. Most of the tipper trucks operate in the municipal engineering and construction industry, and spend more time in the city, which requires tipper trucks to realize zero emission as much as possible to promote the development of green transportation in the city.

Second, the new infrastructure boom is coming and the growth of infrastructure construction.

At present, the country's economic downward pressure, in order to stabilize economic growth, promote investment, increase infrastructure projects is an important choice to pull China's economic growth. The expansion of investment in new infrastructure projects and infrastructure investment growth, to the first half of the rapid growth of new energy dump trucks has brought an opportunity.

Third, the change of urban dump trucks, to the growth of new energy dump trucks bring opportunities.

City dump trucks (dump trucks) in urban construction is indispensable, but fuel type dump trucks on the urban environment pollution is quite serious, with the tightening of environmental protection policies around the world, the new energy dump trucks (mainly electric dump trucks) more and more demand.


The popularity of electric dump trucks is not merely a trend; it's a transformation of the construction and mining industries. With their eco-friendly profile, cost-efficiency, and technological advancements, electric dump trucks are poised to become the new norm in heavy-duty vehicle fleets.




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